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Normal Vaginal Deliveries

Vaginal delivery refers to the natural process of giving birth through the vagina. It is typically performed without the use of any medical intervention, barring the assistance of the medical staff.

The OBGYN will guide the entire process in light of the relevant screening tests and the patient’s overall health condition to steer clear of any complications during or after delivery. The doctor can switch to an assisted delivery or even a cesarean anytime during the labor process to circumvent any unforeseen problem. The doctor will choose the best delivery method to ensure the wellbeing of both the mother and baby.

Patients ask me all the time about having a normal delivery. As a high-risk pregnancy physician, I define normal delivery as one in which there were no complications during the pregnancy, regardless of how the baby is delivered. Therefore, while most patients consider only vaginal deliveries to be normal, you can also have a normal Cesarean delivery.